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Your Ultimate Guide - Making Your Timber Frame Dream A Reality

At TimberStream, we aim to ensure that your dream timber frame home is as unique as your aspirations. Each client envisions their timber frame home in distinct ways, serving unique purposes. It might be conceived as a secluded mountain cabin for your getaways, a lake home for memorable family gatherings and summertime water sports, or even a new primary residence equipped with all the staycation features you've always envisioned – from an outdoor kitchen to a workshop for hobbies and crafts, and that expansive back porch you've longed for. Whether you intend to reside in your home full-time, part-time, or simply use it as a transitional space, understanding your specific vision and purpose for your timber frame home is crucial to its design and the formulation of a tailored plan.

As you transition from the design phase to planning, there are crucial questions to consider. Are you envisioning your home as a place for retirement, designed to accommodate aging in place? Will it be a hub for entertaining, offering ample space for gatherings with friends and family? Have you identified a special retreat within your home where you can escape the hustle and bustle? Pinpointing that one cherished area in your new timber frame home is essential.

Our expert architectural design team and structural engineers will transform your timber frame home ideas into sketches, ultimately culminating in a comprehensive set of construction drawings that define the aesthetic of your home.

As you progress to estimating the cost of your dream timber frame home, it's vital to avoid financial surprises that could jeopardize your vision. Matching your dreams with the right budget is key. Utilizing the Budget & Pricing Calculator allows you to discern how each aspect of the building process impacts your overall budget. You can explore multiple scenarios to determine the final budget figures, ensuring that your dreams remain within reach. Try it out free HERE

Where Are You Building Your Timber Frame Dream?

The strategic placement of a stunning new timber frame home, drawing inspiration from its natural surroundings, hinges on selecting the perfect location. Discover your dream site, acquire the land, and delve into municipality requirements. Factors such as power, water, and sewage access are pivotal considerations in determining the optimal placement for any new timber frame home.

Meticulous planning of your build site holds unparalleled significance in the realization of your ideal timber frame home. Whether you're poised to build on existing land or require additional time to pinpoint the perfect spot, TimberStream is committed to assisting you in this crucial step of the building process.

Who's on Your Team Making Those Dreams Come True?

After discovering the perfect parcel of land for your timber frame dream home and finalizing the design for your ideal layout, the next step is assembling your building team. Once your team is in place, all that remains is choosing a date and initiating the construction process. Our team will guide you through every stage, addressing any questions from your general contractor and ensuring that the building experience is both seamless and successful. While the realization of your dream home involves numerous intricate details, both large and small, we remain committed to supporting you until the project's completion. At TimberStream, we believe that no detail is too insignificant when it comes to bringing your dream home to life.

After planning comes together - Construction Time!

Having finalized your purchase agreement, collaborated with the architect on the design of your dream home, and assembled your builder team, the exciting building phase is now underway! To simplify the construction process, we've distilled it into six manageable steps. Witness the rapid transformation of your dream home into a tangible reality—it's a thrilling journey for both owners and the building crew alike.

1. Site Prep & Foundation

2. Timber Frame Raising

3. Structural Insulation Panels (SIPs) Installation

4. Installation of Windows & Doors

5. Finishing the Exterior

6. Finishing the Interior



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